Is the second royal baby a girl? Kate Middleton has raised awareness about severe a type of morning sickness.


Recent reports are saying that Pippa Middleton has recently thrown an all-pink themed baby shower for her sister, Kate, who is pregnant with a second child.

There has been no definite confirmation yet on the gender, however it is believed that Pippa has spoiled the secret by throwing them a pink baby shower before Kate & William flew to New York City. The pink baby shower theme consisted of pink-iced cupcakes, pink cocktails, and a huge white cake which inside had pink sponge cake filled with strawberry sauce.

If the day couldn’t be filled with any more joy, Prince George was happy to take all the limelight he could get before the newborn arrived. He thoroughly enjoyed all of the different cakes and treats that were on show. Everyone was taking pictures of the adorable prince who was looking more innocent than ever with pink-icing around his mouth.

Kate joined Prince William before the baby shower to welcome the president of Singapore to the UK. Kate was thrilled she was finally out of the house after suffering from severe morning sickness for several weeks. Kate had the exact same problems when she was pregnant with baby George, however in the best of hands of course – Kate was treated at her home by doctors.

Hyperemisis gravidarum is confused with morning sickness. However it’s actually a severe form of nausea. The worst part is that it doesn’t just last the morning, hence why sufferers and professionals cannot stress enough that it’s not morning sickness. Hyperemisis can last up to 15 weeks of a pregnancy, often even longer. It effects around 0.3% to 1.5% of pregnancies and what it overall consist of is severe vomiting.

Before Kate’s horrible experience with the condition was revealed, doctors & women were not sure how serious it actually was. This time round women felt as if the medical attitude towards the symptoms of the nausea is a lot more supporting now. Kate Middleton has definitely heightened awareness of the condition and how it affects normal women all around the world.

Despite the Baby Shower give away, do you think Kate is going to have a baby girl? Or is it just a decoy? Have you thought about having a Baby Shower yourself? Or are you thinking about throwing a Baby Shower for a friend, family member or sibling?

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